Easy piano sheet music - get started with these piano superhits!

Easy piano sheet music - get started with these piano superhits!

Find fabulous easy piano scores for adult beginners and impress your audience with these simple versions of well-loved songs.
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How do I determine at a glance whether a piece is easy?

  • Big and clearly structured notation
    There is much material for beginners available, but you should have a close look at every piano score before buying. Pay attention to a clearly structured notation layout. Check for any confusing notation signs or instructions you do not know (yet). The clearer and more homogenous the score sheet is, the easier it is to find your way throught the arrangement.
  • No, or very few, accidentals
    Accidentals can psychologically make a piece seem more complex and harder to play than it actually is. This is why easy piano sheet music should not be fraught with accidentals. Don't worry: As a piano beginner you might wish for a world without accidentals, but you can totally handle a piece with one or two of them.
  • Easy left hand
    The simpler, calmer and more constant the left hand is, the more you can concentrate on the melody, and your right hand. Pieces with an easy left hand (the bass staff lower score line) will have notes that are close to each other in range, and rhythm, and that are probably even in a repetitive pattern.
  • Few jumps
    A similar recommendation for the right hand: Easy piano sheet music should contain as few tone jumps as possible, and no complex chord setting. How to recognize an easy linear melody: Notes follow each other "on a path" up or down and are within the range of notation you have learned to read and play, ideally within an Octave, or better even, within the range of a Fifth.

You will find these 3 kinds of easy arrangements

  • Musical note
    Children's piano books
    Children's songs are easily recognizable, they usually have a regular rhythm and a very structured, repetitive song pattern. This makes them ideal for piano beginners. Adults, however, are often a bit underwhelmed when having to start their piano journey playing music for children.
  • Musical note
    Keyboard sheet music with chord symbols
    This type of lead sheet looks simple because it just notates the song's melody, and if you combine it with a simple chord progression you might produce a polyphonic sound experience that can be quite motivating. But the devil is in the detail. Chords may be more intricate than they seem at first glance, and you have to decipher and translate each symbol into what it tells you to play on the keyboard. This may tire a beginner.
  • Musical note
    Easy piano arrangements of popular songs
    This type of easy piano sheet music is ideal for beginners of any age. Clear notation, few accidentals, a calm left hand, easy rhythm, etc. guarantee a great sound and learning experience, but are very well suited to be played to an audience!

Which skill level is yours?

  1. 1

    I am a beginner: Level 0-20

    • I learn to read and play a simple melody
    • I can slowly learn to coordinate playing with both hands
    • I can learn to hold a steady rhythm
    • I can practice linear melodies with a calm accompanying hand
  2. 2

    Ambitious & aspiring: Level 20-40

    • I can play pieces with changing note values with both hands.
    • A few accidentals don't scare me away from a piece
    • I am able to add some artistic features to my play (legato, piano, crescrendo, etc.)
  3. 3

    Advanced: Level 40-60

    • I understand complex notation
    • I can play fast runs
    • 3 or more accidentals are no problem
    • I know and play unusual beats (6/8 or a 5/4 beat)

We at OKTAV love piano sheet music

  • We would love to motivate the whole world to start playing the piano. But we know how hard it can be for beginners to find high quality easy sheet music in the vast internet sheet music jungle.
  • We do not want you to invest a lot of time and energy into finding good easy sheet music (which might, in the worst case, end with you giving up playing the piano out of frustration). This is why we have produced a lot of easy piano editions of very popular songs - check out our arrangements ranging from Pop, Classical, Movie Soundtracks to Gaming, and even more genres !

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I identify easy piano sheet music?
    You can see it at first glance - even as an absolute beginner. Does the notation look clear and structured, and does the piece have very few (or no) accidentals? Does the left hand look "doable" with long notes, repetitive patterns, and few tone jumps?
  • How do I know that a piece of sheet music won't be too hard for me?
    You don't, unless you try it! Sometimes a piano score can seem more complex than it is. For example, a piece sporting several sharps is not necessarily harder to play, because you'd have to look more closely at how often the black keys that you need to remember are actually used. We recommend pieces that include fingerings, they can be very helpful for practice.
  • Where can I buy easy piano sheet music?
    You can find a huge variety of easy piano sheet music online as well as in your music store. If you don't want to spend the first months on the piano with children's songs, you might consider looking for an easy edition of a song by your favorite artist. Or you can try an OKTAV sheet music subscription (the first 7 days are free) where you can find sheet music tailored exactly to your taste and skill level, and a ton of easy sheet music for beginners!