I Got Rhythm Piano Sheet Music

George Gershwin

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  • Level 57/100 (Advanced)
  • Scoring Piano Solo
  • Genre Ragtime & Swing
  • Availability Download available Not available

Arrangements of I Got Rhythm

George Gershwin Piano Solo B-flat Major4 57/100 (Advanced) £3.50
Other Arrangements
George Gershwin Piano Solo C Major2 39/100 (Ambitious) £3.50
Gene Kelly Leadsheet B-flat Major3 50/100 (Ambitious) £3.50
George Gershwin Piano Solo B-flat Major3 54/100 (Ambitious) £3.50
Gene Kelly Accompaniment G Major3 59/100 (Advanced) £3.50
George Gershwin Piano Solo B-flat Major8 65/100 (Advanced) £3.50
George Gershwin Piano Solo D-flat Major4 65/100 (Advanced) £3.50

Information about the piece

I Got Rhythm is an iconic jazz standard written by American composer, George Gershwin. Written in 1930, it was introduced to the world as part of the two-act musical Girl Crazy. The song, in its inception, served as a show-stopping number in the Broadway musical Girl Crazy. It was performed by Ethel Merman and subsequently became a major chart-topping hit. It was originally a slow, melancholic tune, but was reimagined as a lively and upbeat song that meshed well with Merman's powerful, belting voice.

In terms of musical theory, I Got Rhythm follows an AABA structure, often associated with jazz and pop music of the 20th century. Other key features:

  • The melody incorporates the pentatonic scale.
  • Harmonically, the song uses extended chords common in jazz music.
  • This song is fast!
  • Each A section is a standard 8-bar progression, whereas the B section, typically known as the 'bridge' or 'release', is also 8 bars.
  • Notable artists like Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, Django Reinhardt, and many more created unique interpretations

From its beginnings as a Broadway hit to its lasting impact on the world of jazz improvisation, I Got Rhythm has proven to be a key piece of musical history. Perfect for any piano player who enjoys a good swing, it's a must-learn. We offer an intermediate version of the sheet music for purchase and download. Let the legacy of Gershwin's I Got Rhythm become a part of your musical journey.

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