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Information about the piece

Hava Nagila is a Jewish folk song widely recognized globally. The title translates to 'Let us rejoice' and is often played during Jewish weddings and other celebrations. Originating from Eastern Europe, the melody of Hava Nagila was adapted from a traditional Ukrainian folk song. The Hebrew lyrics were later incorporated by Abraham Zevi Idelsohn, a musicologist, in 1918. The song eventually developed into a standard at Jewish celebrations and gradually gained popularity on a global scale.

In musical terms, Hava Nagila is in a minor key, which gives the song its unique, upbeat, and energetic tune. The melody is distinctly Eastern European, highlighting its roots. Hava Nagila is built largely around three main sections:

  • Verse: A slow, somber, and dramatic melody that gradually increases in tempo.
  • Chorus: A lively, fast-paced melody that inspires dancing and celebrating.
  • Bridge: A segment that melodically connects and provides variety and interest among the repetitive verses and choruses.

If you want to add this timeless piece to your piano repertoire, an intermediate version of the sheet music for Hava Nagila is available for purchase and download on our site. Enjoy playing this festive song on your piano, and let it, true to its words, bring joy and celebration to your music.

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