Alexander Hamilton Piano Sheet Music

Lin-Manuel Miranda

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  • Level 58/100 (Advanced)
  • Scoring Accompaniment
  • Genre Broadway & Musicals
  • Availability Download available Not available

Arrangements of Alexander Hamilton

Lin-Manuel Miranda Accompaniment B Minor10 58/100 (Advanced) £3.50
Other Arrangements
Lin-Manuel Miranda Piano Solo B Minor9 42/100 (Ambitious) £3.50
Lin-Manuel Miranda Piano Solo D Major4 65/100 (Advanced) £3.50

Information about the piece

Alexander Hamilton is the opening song for the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton,” which revolves around the life of the American Founding Father of this name. The musical and this iconic song were both created by acclaimed composer and lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda was inspired to create the musical after reading Ron Chernow’s biography of Hamilton. The song Alexander Hamilton was the first he wrote for the musical; it debuted in 2009 at the White House Evening of Poetry, Music, and the Spoken Word, six years before the musical made its Broadway debut. With the lyrics, Miranda subtly conveys the character’s life journey using a mix of rap and traditional musical theater styles.

Melodically, the song is built on a hip-hop influenced accompaniment and rhythm, mixed with a classical Broadway structure and melody. Some noteworthy elements include:

  • Inclusion of rap verses to highlight Hamilton's struggle and eloquence
  • Use of a traditional chorus structure to present major themes of the musical
  • Recurring musical motifs across the song that make reappearances throughout the entire score

For piano players wishing to learn this song, an intermediate version of the sheet music is available for purchase and download on our platform. This provides players with an opportunity to delve into the unique blend of classical and hip-hop music that Alexander Hamilton offers, giving them a rich understanding of the innovative work of Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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