Clair De Lune Piano Sheet Music

Claude Debussy

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  • Level 60/100 (Advanced)
  • Scoring Piano Solo
  • Genre Classical
  • Availability Download available Not available

Arrangements of Clair De Lune

Claude Debussy Piano Solo D-flat Major6 60/100 (Advanced) £3.00
Other Arrangements
Claude Debussy Piano Solo C Major1 37/100 (Ambitious) £3.00
Claude Debussy Piano Solo D-flat Major1 44/100 (Ambitious) £1.90
Claude Debussy Piano Solo C Major4 52/100 (Ambitious) £3.50
Claude Debussy Piano Solo D-flat Major5 56/100 (Advanced) £3.50
Claude Debussy Piano Solo D-flat Major6 57/100 (Advanced) £3.00
Claude Debussy Piano Solo D-flat Major6 61/100 (Advanced) £3.50
Claude Debussy Piano Solo D-flat Major6 63/100 (Advanced) £3.50
Claude Debussy Piano Solo D-flat Major6 64/100 (Advanced) £3.50

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Information about the piece

Clair De Lune is one of the most renowned pieces by French composer Claude Debussy. It is the third movement from his Suite Bergamasque, a collection of four compositions, primarily for piano.

Debussy finished composing Clair De Lune in 1905. Originally, the composer drew inspiration from a poem of the same name (Moonlight) by Paul Verlaine. The music mirrors the theme, producing dreamlike and luminous auditory imagery.

In terms of musical theory, Clair De Lune is renowned for its tonality, utilizing a mix of pentatonic scales and modes, while also incorporating parallelism in its chord structures. The piece maintains a 9/8 time signature, employing a variety of rhythms to evoke an ethereal, flowing sensation.

Some noteworthy features include:

  • Expansive use of tertian and quartal harmony
  • A structure echoing traditional ternary (ABA) form
  • Cunning integration of whole tone scales

Clair De Lune holds an enduring place in the realm of classical music and is a timeless choice among pianists seeking to showcase both skill and expressive depth. For intermediate piano players interested in delving into this remarkable piece, an accessible sheet music version is available for purchase and download on our site.

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