Taking ABBA's Hits to Your Piano: A Detailed Guide

August 17, 2023 • 4 minute read
Welcome to this comprehensive guide on mastering timeless ABBA hits for piano players. Explore the melodious tunes from 'Mamma Mia' to 'Dancing Queen' and learn to play them on your piano.
Translating ABBA's Hits into Piano: A Detailed Guide
The Swedish pop group ABBA has a discography full of hits loved by people around the world. With this guide, piano players can bring these hits to life on their own. Each song will include licensed notes, chords, and progressions, along with some tips and tricks to ensure smooth play. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned piano player, there's something for everyone.
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Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen by the Swedish band ABBA, is renowned for its catchy disco beat, and its powerful piano riff, playing a pivotal role in establishing rhythm and melody. It's a quintessential song for piano players wanting to delve into ABBA's music.

The Winner Takes It All

The Winner Takes It All is an emotional ballad by ABBA, a Swedish pop group. Known for its melancholy theme, it was released in 1980 and is prominent in the discography of ABBA. The song's mesmerizing piano accompaniment, composed by Benny Andersson, became a gauge for piano players seeking to delve into pop ballads.

Here is the sheet music for The Winner Takes It All!

Thank you for the music

Thank You for the Music is an appreciative song by ABBA, a Swedish pop group. Hailed as a swan song for the band, it is everything ABBA is renowned for. Any pianist will be enchanted by the outstanding piano arrangement that makes the song more harmonious and melodically striking. The song's lyrics reflect the band members' gratitude for the joy and love that music had brought into their lives.

Here is the sheet music for Thank you for the music!


Chiquitita is a 1979 song by ABBA, renowned for its notable piano arrangement. The piano is prominent, its arpeggios providing a distinct and emotional underpinning to the melody. Its flowing rhythm and intricate progressions make this song a favorite among piano players.

Here is the sheet music for Chiquitita!


Fernando is another hit song by the Swedish pop group ABBA. It features a distinct melody led by the piano, making it a favorite among musicians, particularly piano players. The piano accompanies the vocal harmonies of the group, highlighting the song's emotional depth and storytelling. The song offers a rich playing experience.

Here is the sheet music for Fernando!

Knowing Me, Knowing You

Knowing Me, Knowing You from ABBA is a melancholic and introspective song from the album 'Arrival' (1976). The melody on the piano, which forms the basis of the song, is emotive and powerful, symbolizing the break-ups and personal struggles. A perfect piece for piano enthusiasts to decipher ABBA’s profound expression via keys.

Here is the sheet music for Knowing Me, Knowing You!

I Still Have Faith in You

I Still Have Faith in You is a recent reflective ballad by ABBA recalling their shared history. This English song was released in 2021 after a gap of 39 years. It features a powerful piano melody, capturing the attention of piano players. The stunning piano lines truly highlight the harmonic richness of the song, making it a favorite among piano enthusiasts.

Here is the sheet music for I Still Have Faith in You!

Little Things

The song 'Little Things' by ABBA, from their album Voyage, is their only Christmas tune with a beautiful piano accompaniment. Perfect for piano and Christmas lovers who appreciate ABBA's melodic and nostalgic charm.

Here is the sheet music for Little Things!

Don't Shut Me Down

'Don't Shut Me Down' is a rather recent song by legendary group ABBA, released in 2021. It is a seamless blend of classic ABBA pop and modern synth, with a notable piano line.

Here is the sheet music for Don't Shut Me Down!

When You Danced With Me

The song 'When You Danced With Me' by ABBA is a joyful tune. It's remarkable for its rhythmic piano playing forming the backbone of the melody. The piano part, with its energetic chords and uplifting arpeggios, is ideal for piano players desiring to enhance their repertoire.

Here is the sheet music for When You Danced With Me!


Learning to play timeless ABBA hits can be a fun and enlightening journey for any piano player. This guide endeavors to assist you step by step, helping you master every tune and unleash your potential. With practice and patience, you will soon be able to play these timeless hits to perfection. So, get your fingers ready, hit the keys, and let's create some ABBA magic on your piano!

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