Best of Elvis: 10 Songs Every Piano Player Must Learn

August 09, 2023 • 4 minute read
Unveil the magic of Elvis Presley's music as we dive into his top 10 hit songs perfect for every piano player. Ranging from soulful ballads to energetic rock and roll tunes, these songs would be a great addition to your piano learning journey.
Best of Elvis: 10 Songs Every Piano Player Must Learn
Elvis Presley, known as 'The King of Rock and Roll,' left an indelible mark on the music industry. His songs have been recognized worldwide, becoming a symbol of the golden era of music. One of his lesser-known talents was his ability to play the piano, and quite a few of his most memorable melodies were played on the piano. This article will take you on a journey through 10 of his top hits that you should learn to play on the piano. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, these songs will challenge and inspire you.
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Always On My Mind

Always On My Mind by Elvis Presley, released in 1972, is a poignant expression of love and regret. The piano, a key element, harmonizes with Elvis's soulful tones, rendering the track deeply emotive. For pianists, this song offers a rewarding blend of emotiveness and complexity.

Are You Lonesome Tonight

The song 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' by Elvis Presley, written in 1960, is a melodramatic ballad featuring a beautiful piano segment. The piano riff is essential in creating the poignant atmosphere of the song, making it an excellent study piece for pianists.

Jailhouse Rock

Jailhouse Rock is a popular song by Elvis Presley, released in 1957. It features a boogie-woogie style of piano playing that sets a fast rhythm and drives the melody, appealing to piano players. The song's upbeat tempo makes it a lively piece for pianists to enjoy playing.

Can't Help Falling In Love

The song 'Can't Help Falling in Love' by Elvis Presley is an iconic love ballad from 1961. Its sublime melody, primarily carried by the piano, captures hearts of both the listeners and piano players worldwide. The piano arrangement is beautiful and contains a simplicity, enhancing the emotional resonance of the lyrics.

All Shook Up

All Shook Up is a song by Elvis Presley, released in 1957. Known for its distinctive rock and roll style, it features rhythmic piano accompaniment that is characteristic of Presley's music, offering an engaging pattern for piano players to enjoy and learn. This iconic track dominated the US and UK charts, confirming Elvis's status as a music legend.

Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel, released in 1956 by Elvis Presley, is a classic rock and rhythm & blues tune. The piano is a significant part of this song, adding depth and emotion. It's a great study piece for pianists, offering an opportunity to explore a blend of rock and blues styles.

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

The song 'I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry' by Elvis Presley is a remarkable manifestation of his vocals and profound emotion. The piano accompaniment constitutes a pivotal part of the song, underlining its melancholic tone. It's an excellent piece for any piano players seeking to explore the fusion of rock and roll and blues.

Here is the sheet music for I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry!

It's Impossible

The song 'It's Impossible' is a classic Elvis Presley track. Crafted in simple yet effective piano arrangement, it reflects Elvis's ability to master various styles. The piano forms the foundation of the song, proving essential in conveying its heart-tugging emotions. Indeed, this song offers piano players a fantastic platform to explore and express their musical flair.

Here is the sheet music for It's Impossible!

How's The World Treating You

Elvis Presley's 'How's The World Treating You' is a melancholic tune filled with pensive lyrics. It heavily relies on the piano to drive the melody and set the mood. The piano chords underline the emotional depth of the song, making it a captivating piece for piano players.

Here is the sheet music for How's The World Treating You!

She Wears My Ring

The song 'She Wears My Ring' is a romantic track recorded by Elvis Presley. Its entrancing melody showcases a beautiful piano arrangement that enhances its harmonious foundation. The song offers piano players a delightful piece to perform, combining rich harmonies with the timeless Presley voice.

Here is the sheet music for She Wears My Ring!


Elvis Presley's music holds a timeless allure, and learning to play his hits on the piano can provide a rewarding and enriching experience. These 10 songs represent some of the best of Elvis's catalogue, offering a range of difficulty levels and musical styles to keep your piano practices engaging and challenging. Whether you’re a fan of 'The King' or just love classic rock and roll tunes, mastering these tracks will surely make your piano plays more enjoyable and meaningful.

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