5 Must-Learn Sting Songs for Aspiring Piano Players

August 17, 2023 • 2 minute read
This article explores five songs by Sting that every piano player should learn. These pieces will not only challenge your skills but also introduce you to the magic of Sting's music, bringing you closer to mastering the piano.
5 Must-Learn Sting Songs for Aspiring Piano Players
When it comes to infusing rock and pop music with a distinct, multi-dimensional tang, Sting stands out. Known for his unique songwriting, his tracks offer rich, complex journeys - making them perfect for piano renditions. In this guide, we detail five must-learn Sting songs for piano players. Each song varies in difficulty, making them perfect for pianists at every skill level. We provide a detailed breakdown of each tune, including sheet music and practicing tips.
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Fields Of Gold

Fields Of Gold, a famous song by Sting, showcases his storytelling prowess and musical versatility. Predominantly reliant on guitar, the song sees occasional accompaniment from the piano. However, its soft melodies and harmonic chord progressions translate well to solo piano and make it a great repertoire choice for piano players.

Here is the sheet music for Fields Of Gold!

Englishman In New York

Englishman In New York is a famed track by Sting. Released in 1988, it blends jazz, pop, and reggae. Its catchy music is carried by a prominent saxophone line and an intricate piano part. The piano's role is key, making it highly enjoyable for piano players. The track provides an immersive experience of Sting's perception of being an Englishman in NYC.

Here is the sheet music for Englishman In New York!


Fragile, by Sting, is a heartfelt song evoking themes of love and vulnerability. A significant feature is its delicate and poignant piano arrangement, a central element providing depth and emotion to the song. It's a masterpiece that piano players can truly connect with and appreciatively interpret.

Here is the sheet music for Fragile!

What Could Have Been

What Could Have Been is a poignant track by renowned artist Sting. The song's emotive piano melody powerfully complements Sting's deeply resonant lyrics, delivering profound nuances for piano players and making it an essential piece to learn for any pianist. The song offers an exploration into a world of longing, reflection, and introspection, with the piano taking center stage.

When We Dance

When We Dance by Sting is a compelling song that connects deeply with listeners. The melodic piano accompaniment contributes significantly to the song's emotional tone, making it a great piece for piano players to explore.

Here is the sheet music for When We Dance!


These five Sting songs can uplift your piano playing skills to new heights. Not only do they encompass a vast range of techniques and complexities, but they also offer deep emotional resonance. Learning these pieces can help you explore different styles of music while honing your technique. Remember that mastering the piano is a journey, and every song you learn is a stepping stone on that path. So, dive in, start playing, and let Sting's music guide you to becoming a well-rounded pianist.

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