Discover Sinatra's Magic on Piano: 7 Essential Songs

August 17, 2023 • 3 minute read
Sinatra's songs have always held a special place in every music lover's heart. This article provides a carefully crafted list of 7 essential Sinatra songs that will help you enhance your piano skills and appreciate Sinatra's musicianship.
Discover Sinatra's Magic on Piano: 7 Essential Songs
Being a piano player and a Frank Sinatra fan is a match made in heaven. Sinatra’s ballads blend perfectly with the piano harmonies, creating a magical experience for both the player and the listener. Among hundreds of Sinatra's songs, we've selected 7 that every piano player must know: These songs vary in difficulty, allowing pianists of all skill levels to challenge themselves and develop. Not only are these songs musically profound, but they also encapsulate Sinatra's charisma and vocal prowess.
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Night And Day

Night and Day by Frank Sinatra is a jazz hit from the mid-20th century. Encompassing Sinatra's smooth vocals, this song is also known for its smooth piano passages. The memorable piano hook and richly layered harmony offer both a challenge and delight for enthusiasts and professional piano players alike. The song manages to blend tonal richness with complex rhythmic patterns. A masterpiece in its own right.

Here is the sheet music for Night And Day!


Cycles is a poignant ballad by Frank Sinatra, characterized by a melodious tune played on the piano. The song's piano accompaniment provides the backbone for Sinatra's mellifluous vocals.

Here is the sheet music for Cycles!


Winners by Frank Sinatra is a captivating track with a strong emphasis on the piano, engulfing listeners in its magnetic charm. The song's simplistic, yet elegant, rhythms appeal greatly to pianists, offering a rich experience intertwined with Sinatra's majestic vocals.

Here is the sheet music for Winners!

Sunshine Cake

Sunshine Cake by Frank Sinatra is a cheerful tune. Though not known for complex piano parts, the piano underlines the melody, adding harmonic depth and rhythm. A must-play for any Sinatra-loving pianist.

Here is the sheet music for Sunshine Cake!

September Song

September Song by Frank Sinatra is a melodic treasure. Produced with rich orchestrations, the piano carries an essential role, rippling harmoniously throughout the song, inviting pianists to savor its alluring phrases and chords. It is a timeless classic, loved by many.

It's Only A Paper Moon

Frank Sinatra's 'It's Only A Paper Moon' is a captivating melody with a key role for piano. As Sinatra's crooning voice ebbs and flows, the piano lays a crucial foundation, offering players a rich exploration of harmony and rhythm.

You’re Sensational

The song 'You’re Sensational' is a classic by Frank Sinatra. Renowned for its captivating piano accompaniment, Sinatra's mellow baritone floats effortlessly over the keys, making it an ideal piece for piano players seeking to delve into jazz standards.

Here is the sheet music for You’re Sensational!


These seven Sinatra songs form an essential repertoire for every piano player, serving as an excellent resource for learning, practicing, and showcasing your piano skills. They provide insight into Sinatra's characteristic music style and offer enjoyable and challenging pieces for piano practice. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Sinatra's music. Grab your piano and start creating your own renditions of these timeless classics. Remember, the piano is not just an instrument; it's a pathway to express yourself and connect with music on a deeper level.

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