Dive into Birdy's Piano World: Top 8 Songs

August 17, 2023 • 3 minute read
Embark on a melodious journey with eight of Birdy's exceptional songs suited for piano play. Enhance your piano skills, interpret new rhythms, and master the art of elegant piano playthrough.
Dive into Birdy's Piano World: Top Songs
Birdy, an English musician known for her soulful compositions, offers a plethora of songs that can be translated beautifully on the piano. Ranging from melancholic melodies to upbeat rhythms, these nine of Birdy's songs provide the perfect platform for both novice and seasoned piano players to explore and expand their repertoire. Each song in this list has been chosen considering its unique complexity and melodic charm, providing a broad range of Birdy's musical prowess. Dive into each song, identify its core rhythm patterns, and bring out the sweet, poignant tunes using the piano as your storytelling tool.
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Just A Game

The song 'Just A Game' by Birdy is a beautiful, emotionally charged piece featured in 'The Hunger Games' soundtrack. Its soothing piano melody, a key element of the song, highlights Birdy's delicate vocals, making it a perfect piece for piano players. At just under four minutes, it's a joy for any pianist to learn and play.

Here is the sheet music for Just A Game!

Silhouette (Birdy)

Silhouette is a deep and emotive song by Birdy. A masterpiece that perfectly showcases Birdy's unmistakable voice, underpinned by a beautiful piano accompaniment. The piano in this song lays an atmospheric foundation, while Birdy's vocals provide the emotional foreground. Offering a rich melodic experience, Silhouette is a memorable track for piano players seeking to play songs with grace and depth in emotion.

Here is the sheet music for Silhouette (Birdy)!


The song 'Shelter' by Birdy presents a heart-touching melody with a significant role of the piano. It beautifully combines her soulful voice with the piano's deep tones, creating an exceptional auditory experience for piano players.

Here is the sheet music for Shelter!

Without A Word

The song 'Without A Word' by Birdy is a piano-driven ballad showcasing her soaring vocals and emotive lyrics. Featuring a haunting piano melody, the song speaks to the piano player's soul. It is a song of heartbreak, tinged with longing, where the piano plays a poignant narrative role.

Here is the sheet music for Without A Word!

Ghost In The Wind

The song 'Ghost In The Wind' by Birdy is a hauntingly beautiful composition. It features a prominent piano accompaniment, a fundamental part of its melody, making it a popular choice for piano players. Its lyrical depth resonates with listeners, leaving a lingering impression.

Here is the sheet music for Ghost In The Wind!

Terrible Love

The song 'Terrible Love' by Birdy is a powerful ballad featuring poignant vocals. Dominated by the stirring instrumentation of the piano, it provides an emotional resonance that is appealing to piano players. Its complex piano chords offer a challenging but rewarding experience for pianists.

Here is the sheet music for Terrible Love!

Take My Heart

The song 'Take My Heart' by Birdy is a melodic piece deeply rooted in the emotion of longing. The piano plays a crucial role, with a riveting sheet of melodies blending softly with Birdy's vocals. It's a must-learn for any budding or professional piano player due to its emotional depth and musical complexity.

Here is the sheet music for Take My Heart!

Heart Of Gold

Heart Of Gold by Birdy is a melancholic blend of soft pop and indie folk. This song shines with its enchanting piano melody that plays a significant role, leading the tune and adding depth. The melodic structure of the piano parts makes it appealing for piano players. The song lyrically explores the concept of unconditional love and human fragility.

Here is the sheet music for Heart Of Gold!


In conclusion, these 8 Birdy songs offer a rich, diverse landscape of tunes that are not only delightful to hear but exhilarating to play. As you journey through each song, you develop your skills, unravel your creative potential, and experience the joy of creating beautiful music. They transform the piano into a medium of storytelling. So let your fingers dance across the keys and create your unique symphony with Birdy's songs.

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