From Hollywood to Your Piano: Mastering 9 Movie Themes

August 10, 2023 • 4 minute read
Do you love the beautiful scores from your favorite films and wish to play them on your piano? With this guide, explore and learn 9 spectacular movie themes that can add depth and cinematic flavor to your piano playing. Get ready to bring the silver screen onto your piano keys!
From Hollywood to Your Piano: Mastering 9 Movie Themes
Movie themes are a fantastic way for piano players to add a touch of drama and excitement to their playing. From the rousing action themes of blockbusters to the haunting melodies of indie dramas, movies offer a wide range of styles and moods for pianists. In this guide, we will delve into 9 movie themes that every pianist should try, regardless of their skill level. Each of these themes offers a unique challenge and the chance to grow as a player. You'll learn to express the emotions of these cinematic masterpieces through your piano playing, enhancing your musical palette and impressing listeners with your ability to transport them into the world of film.
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Mia & Sebastian's Theme

Mia & Sebastian's Theme, composed by Justin Hurwitz, is an instrumental masterpiece from the movie La La Land. This romantic melody primarily features piano, appealing to piano players with its captivating chords and emotional depth, weaving a tale of love and dreams. An exemplary piece full of emotion and technique for aspiring pianists to explore.

Here is the sheet music for Mia & Sebastian's Theme!

Hedwig's Theme

Hedwig's Theme is a captivating piece composed by John Williams for the Harry Potter series. With its enchanting, mystical tune, it's played a pivotal role in the soundtracks. Particularly noteworthy is its hauntingly beautiful piano portrayal, making it a beloved piece among pianists. Its signature melody resonates in every Harry Potter fan's heart.

Here is the sheet music for Hedwig's Theme!

City Of Stars

City of Stars is a popular song from 'La La Land', composed by Justin Hurwitz. It won an Academy Award for Best Original Song. It's characterized by a haunting piano melody, making it a beloved choice among piano players.

Here is the sheet music for City Of Stars!

My Heart Will Go On

'My Heart Will Go On', a song by James Horner, is an iconic composition for Titanic movie lovers. This piece plays a significant role in the storyline and features a poignant melody that is famously played on the piano. Its beautiful melody line makes it a popular choice for piano players worldwide.

Here is the sheet music for My Heart Will Go On!

Feather Theme (Forrest Gump)

Feather Theme from the movie Forrest Gump is a poignant piano piece composed by Alan Silvestri. Its melodic and gentle rhythms portray the film's emotional depth and breathtaking moments. As for piano players, it offers an engaging and sophisticated exercise to master emotion expression and dynamics control.

Here is the sheet music for Feather Theme (Forrest Gump)!


Skyfall by Adele, composed by Adele Adkins & Paul Epworth, is noted for its impressive piano accompaniment. Released in 2012 as part of the James Bond 007: Skyfall soundtrack, the song features a dark, dramatic atmosphere, built around a haunting piano motif, adding depth to binary pop structure. Adele's haunting voice complements the piano perfectly, making it a popular piece among piano players.

Here is the sheet music for Skyfall!

He's A Pirate

He's A Pirate, the iconic theme from the film Pirates of the Caribbean, was composed by Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt. Known for its captivating melody, it showcases the piano as a powerful storytelling instrument. It's popular among piano players for its blend of simplicity and complexity.


"Chocolat", composed by Rachel Portman, is a soothing melody predominantly featuring piano. Its gentle cadence immerses listeners in a serene atmosphere. It's a popular choice among pianists due to its simplicity, yet it retains a profound emotion that resonates with audiences.

Here is the sheet music for Chocolat!

Superman Theme

The 'Superman Theme', composed by John Williams, is a grand and triumphant piece of music often associated with the heroism of the iconic character. The piano plays a crucial role in maintaining the rhythm of the theme, enabling it to evoke a sensation of flight and heroism. The arrangement for piano captures the power and majesty of the original orchestra.

Here is the sheet music for Superman Theme!


Learning to play the piano is an incredible journey, and incorporating movie themes brings a touch of cinema magic to your repertoire. These 9 movie themes offer a diverse range of styles and challenges, ideal for pianists looking to expand their skills. So why wait? Bring the magic of cinema to your piano playing today. Whether it's the haunting refrain of a drama or the uplifting score from a classic family film, these iconic movie themes will transform your piano playing experience.

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