Exploring the Genius of Scott Joplin's Top 10 Piano Pieces

August 17, 2023 • 4 minute read
Acclaimed as the 'King of Ragtime', Scott Joplin has given the world some of the greatest piano compositions. This article delves into the intricacies of his top 10 piano works, presenting a unique perspective to all piano enthusiasts.
Exploring the Genius of Scott Joplin's Top 10 Piano Pieces
Scott Joplin, a key player in the world of Ragtime music, has made significant contributions to its popularity and development. This article will guide you through a journey of his life and work, specifically focusing on his top 10 piano compositions. Experience the rhythmic complexities of compositions like 'The Entertainer', 'Maple Leaf Rag', and delve deeper into the nuances of his lesser-known works.
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The Entertainer

The Entertainer is a classic ragtime piano piece composed by Scott Joplin. Famed for its syncopated, upbeat melody, it offers an engaging challenge to pianists. The piano's role is critical as it uniquely captures the lively spirit of the era.

Here is the sheet music for The Entertainer!

Maple Leaf Rag

The 'Maple Leaf Rag' is a notable piece by Scott Joplin, a pioneer of Ragtime music. Composed in 1899, the song is iconic for its syncopated rhythm, especially enjoyable to piano players. It occupies a significant place in the piano ragtime repertoire, highlighting Joplin's mastery of the keyboard.

Here is the sheet music for Maple Leaf Rag!


Solace by Scott Joplin is a remarkable piano-centric composition, showcasing Joplin's skill in the ragtime style. As a piano player, you will appreciate its dynamic range, syncopated rhythms, and intricate melody. The execution of this piece denotes a true understanding of Joplin's unique musicality.

Here is the sheet music for Solace!

Pineapple Rag

Pineapple Rag is a classic composition by Scott Joplin, one of the most influential ragtime musicians. Its cheerful tone and lively pace characterize signature ragtime syncopation, providing a delightful challenge for piano players. The piano forefronts the song, making it an essential piece in every piano player's ragtime repertoire.

Here is the sheet music for Pineapple Rag!

Swipesy (Cake Walk)

Swipesy (Cake Walk) is a collaborative piece crafted by Scott Joplin and Arthur Marshall. A euphonious blend of classical ragtime and lively cakewalk music portrayed through the versatile language of the piano. Ideal for piano players aiming to delve deeper into ragtime's rich cultural heritage.

Here is the sheet music for Swipesy (Cake Walk)!

Magnetic Rag

Magnetic Rag is a masterpiece composed by Scott Joplin, the 'King of Ragtime'. Lauded for its unique rhythmic structure, this piece showcases major shifts in mood and key, challenging piano players. The distinct piano characterizations within the rag mirror the song's title, drawing listeners in with its truly magnetic allure.

Here is the sheet music for Magnetic Rag!

Peacherine Rag

Peacherine Rag is a masterpiece by Scott Joplin, the 'King of Ragtime'. Written in 1901, this composition showcases Joplin's musical genius through its intricate piano rhythms. Tailored for piano players, the song delivers a distinctive blend of classical and ragtime styles, offering a stimulating experience for piano enthusiasts.

Here is the sheet music for Peacherine Rag!

Original Rags

The 'Original Rags' is a classic ragtime composition by renowned pianist, Scott Joplin. A testament to Joplin's prowess as a pianist, the song is unique for its time owing to its intricate syncopation. As a potential study piece for aspiring ragtime pianists, it offers great insight into Joplin's remarkable techniques on the piano.

Here is the sheet music for Original Rags!

Scott Joplin's New Rag

Scott Joplin's New Rag is a beautifully crafted classic rag played on the piano by its composer, Scott Joplin. Known for its rhythmic complexity and dynamic contrasts, it provides a delightful challenge for piano players, enabling them to explore the rich heritage of ragtime music.

Here is the sheet music for Scott Joplin's New Rag!

Bethena (A Concert Waltz)

Bethena (A Concert Waltz) is a piece by Scott Joplin, the king of Ragtime. It is remarkable for its departure from his usual style, incorporating a waltz rhythm. Notably complex with intricate syncopation, it poses delightful challenges for piano players. This piece is a testament to Joplin's masterful composition for piano.

Here is the sheet music for Bethena (A Concert Waltz)!


Scott Joplin's compositions are a testament to his tremendous mastery over the piano. His works aren't just music; they're stories told through rhythmic patterns and harmonious melodies. Through reading this, one can appreciate his contributions to the piano domain and music at large. Whether you are a pianist yourself or merely an admirer of music, understanding and appreciating Joplin's work will deepen your piano music perspective.

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