Explore the Music of Muse on Piano with These Top Tracks

August 10, 2023 • 4 minute read
For every piano player who appreciates the rock hitmakers Muse, this article presents the top 10 songs from the band that are a delight to play on the piano. Ranging from the iconic to the eclectic, these songs will deepen your appreciation for Muse and help you grow as a pianist.
Explore the Music of Muse on Piano with These Top Tracks
Delving into a band as dynamic and musically complex as Muse is a journey any pianist will appreciate. From the evocative melodies seen in 'Starlight' to the mythic progression in 'Knights of Cydonia', each tune is a testament to Muse's prowess with the piano. Exploring these 10 songs will fortify your understanding of how the piano can drive both harmony and melody within a rock context, a technique Muse has effectively harnessed throughout their career.
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Starlight is a song by Muse from their fourth studio album, Black Holes and Revelations. It features prominent piano usage lending a rhythmic underpinning to the overall composition, a crucial element that piano players will appreciate.

Here is the sheet music for Starlight!


Unintended by Muse is a melodic ballad. The song presents emotionally charged lyrics with poignant piano composition. The piano plays a critical role, captivating listeners and offering players a rich piece to master.

Here is the sheet music for Unintended!

Ghosts (How Can I Move On)

"Ghosts (How Can I Move On)" by Muse is a melancholic song that conveys an atmosphere of introspection. Predominantly featuring the piano, it leads the melody, offering enchanting harmonies. Its use of minor chords and a melancholy tone makes it a great piece for pianists aiming to master emotive expression.

Follow Me

Follow Me by Muse is a dynamic track with a mix of electronic and rock elements. Rich in melody, the song's thrilling piano segments make it particularly engaging for the piano players. The song showcases the band's innovative use of the piano in a contemporary rock setting.

Here is the sheet music for Follow Me!

New Born

New Born, a track by Muse, fluently demonstrates the band's penchant for dramatic, piano-driven rock. It is distinguished by Matt Bellamy's dynamic piano riffs and cryptic lyrics. The song starts with a gentle piano intro, turning into a heavier, brooding rock hit, making it a complex piece for piano players to learn and enjoy.

Here is the sheet music for New Born!


Uprising is a synth-rock anthem by British band Muse. Released in 2009 on 'The Resistance' album. The song features a memorable piano riff, providing a distinct rhythm that underpins the powerful vocals and energetic guitar work. An excellent song for piano players interested in rock music.

Here is the sheet music for Uprising!

Plug In Baby

The song 'Plug In Baby' by Muse, is a rock anthem with distinctive arpeggiated piano work. The piano is integral to the symmetry and vibrancy of the song. It showcases the band's belief in the power of melody and rhythm. Its high-energy, complex arrangements captivate piano players and music lovers alike.

Here is the sheet music for Plug In Baby!

Knights Of Cydonia

Knights Of Cydonia by Muse is a fusion of progressive rock, space rock, and electronica. It showcases Matt Bellamy's genius in guitar and vocals but notably, the piano also plays a substantial role in providing a harmonious underlayer that adds a unique dimension to the song's appeal. It's highly regarded by piano players seeking to explore a complex range of piano work in rock.

Here is the sheet music for Knights Of Cydonia!

Time Is Running Out

Time Is Running Out is a rock song by Muse from their third studio album, Absolution. The keyboard plays an essential role, complementing the guitar and drums with powerful chords. Perfect for piano players seeking to explore rock music.

Here is the sheet music for Time Is Running Out!


Resistance, by the Muse, features a unique integration of piano with an alternative rock style. This song elegantly blends rich, intricate piano arrangements with powerful vocals, creating an impressive composition that might be appreciated by piano players. In Resistance, the piano is not just an accompanying instrument- it is an essential element contributing to the intensity and emotional depth of the song.

Here is the sheet music for Resistance!


Daring as they are fascinating, these Muse songs offer a wide spectrum of experiences for the piano player. Each track demands a different mastery of skills and techniques to capture the band’s particular sound, and in doing so, you improve your own abilities and musicality. Regardless of whether you're a burgeoning player or seasoned pianist, these top 10 Muse hits will inspire you to continue creating and recreating music. Indeed, the journey through Muse's discography is an exploration of what your piano is truly capable of.

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