Digital piano sheet music - the revolution that starts on your music stand!

Digital piano sheet music - the revolution that starts on your music stand!

Immediate access to songs & fun! More choice, less paper chaos or lugging stuff around, more effective practicing - this is why piano players around the world love digital sheet music!
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Advantages of digital sheet music

  • Always with you, wherever you are
    No matter how far away you live or travel - digital sheet music allows you to have all the scores you want right at your fingertips - without breaking your back carrying them. Do invest in a tablet or other suitable reader so you can use digital sheet music comfortably.
  • Swap paper chaos for sleek organization
    It is so much easier and more comfortable to organize your repertoire digitally. No more lugging fat folders stuffed with sheet music around, no more leaves of paper strewn around the piano - paper chaos is a thing of the past if you switch to digital sheet music.
  • Way more choice
    Let's get real - how often do you really walk into your trusty old music store to buy new sheet music? We bet you mostly play what you already have at home - except if you're able to find interesting new sheet music on the web. Luckily, nowadays, this is easy to do.
  • Practice made easy
    Whoever decides to use digital sheet music platforms does not only acquire a huge choice of material, but also practical help. Turning pages is a thing of the past, with autoscroll functions. Metronomes and videos are often included, too.

Digitalsheet music - do's and don'ts

  • Musical note
    Don’t: Download free sheet music from obscure sources
    You might have come across digital sheet music you did not like - hardly readable files, strange "home-cooked" arrangements, dubious legal situation ... all of this can spoil the fun. You will not encounter any of these problems when opting for serious, renowned platforms.
  • Musical note
    Do: Trust tried-and-tested platforms
    Trustworthy sheet music platforms cooperate with renowned music publishers. Their sheet music editions are often exactly the ones that you can also buy in print.
  • Musical note
    Do: Use all their digital tools
    If you just print out digital sheet music you may miss out on a fair share of its advantages. For example, the option to scroll digitally instead of having to turn the pages manually.

Quiz: where should you buy your sheet music?

  1. 1

    In your local music store

    • You live in close proximity to a music store
    • Your spacious living quarters leave ample room to store sheet music and method books
    • You like to wait for your sheet music orders (joyful anticipation is the purest form of joy)
  2. 2

    Digital sheet music downloads

    • You love to research the web
    • You play so little that you are sure you'll only ever need "this one piece"
    • You play mostly Classical music that you first try to download for free, and should the free score's quality not be satisfactory, you go back to researching the web and purchasing the piece
  3. 3

    Digital sheet music subscription

    • You want to play as many pieces as you like without having the costs add up
    • You want to be able to access your sheet music from wherever you happen to be
    • You want to start playing your favorite sheet music immediately
    • You want a constant supply of new sheet music for your skill level to motivate you to play more

Digital sheet music suits your lifestyle perfectly!

  • People used to have shelves upon shelves crammed with books, hundreds of LPs and a record player for listening to music, and DVDs to watch films. Nowadays, we all stream music and movies and download books onto readers. We still want to read, listen, be entertained - just like in earlier times. But we enjoy the comfort our digital devices offer (and having to store less stuff, and having to dust much less often). Why should the same principles not apply to sheet music?
  • Stream your favorites among 20,000+ pieces of sheet music, just like you stream your favorite movies and music!
  • Get inspired and discover new music when choosing new scores to play on your piano - in just the way spotify and netflix would inspire you.
  • Be independent of delivery times and opening hours - you have immediate access to your new scores.
  • Organize your digital library to meet your requirements.
  • Digital extras like an integrated metronome and play-along-videos make it easy for you to save on having to buy these tools.
  • You do not need a page turner. Your sheet music service does that for you.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I know which digital music provider to trust?
    Trustworthy sheet music providers work together with renowned publishers and composers. This information will be clearly shown on their website. You can also google sheet music platform reviews by reputable bloggers.
  • Can I make faster progress using digital sheet music?
    You'll still have to practice - but it's a lot quicker to access the music you want to play if you can just choose between 20,000+ pieces and spot pieces you'll be able to play in your preferred genre at a glance. And you always carry your sheet music and all piano tools with you - no matter where you find 88 keys and the opportunity to play or practice!
  • How do I practice most effectively using digital sheet music?
    Compile a repertoire. Choose songs that you want to learn, and save them in your individual playlist. Then choose your first piece, listen to the video and just read the score. Take some notes. Tackle the hardest part first. Practice with your metronome and the teaching videos and take more notes - add your fingering and stick to it. Once you can play the piece, file it, and rate it. Your feedback helps fine-tune the difficulty of the piece, which in turn helps other players.
  • What are the advantages of cooperating with reputable sheet music publishers?
    Whoever uses sheet music from reputable, tried-and-tested publishing houses can be sure that composers and arrangers receive their fair share of royalties. In times where creative arts are fighting for survival and against exploitation this is important to bear in mind. The other big advantage is that you can be sure the arrangements are playable and are arranged well. The third advantage: Big publishers' official sheet music are landmark originals that enable you to sound just like the artists themselves.
  • Can I print digital sheet music, or give it as a gift?
    Yes, but it depends on your provider. A gift card is a very versatile present for piano players of all skill levels. At OKTAV, to give an example, 2 prints per month are included in your subscription. More prints can be purchased very cheaply, starting from 1 Euro per piano piece.