Astronomia (Coffin Dance) Sheet Music (Piano)

Tony Igy

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  • Level 56/100 (Advanced)
  • Scoring Piano Solo
  • Category Electronic
  • Availability Download available Not available

Information about the piece

The song Astronomia is an electronic dance music (EDM) track by Russian artist Tony Igy, composed in 2010.

  • It rose to international prominence in 2020 due to the 'Coffin Dance' meme which went viral on the internet. These viral videos typically showcased pallbearers from Ghana, performing intricately choreographed, joyous dances, meant to celebrate life at funerals. The contrast between the upbeat music and the solemn occasion caught the internet's fascination and created the meme trend.

From a musical perspective, Astronomia exhibits several hallmarks of the EDM genre.The song is known for its rhythmic beats mainly combined with synth melodies and string-like harmonic elements. Its simple but catchy melody and harmonic progression make it an excellent piece for anyone learning to play the piano.

The song's structure revolves around musical tension and release. It opens with a distinctive bass line which is further countered by a catchy melody. The track progresses building layers of synthetic beats and harmony into a powerful climax.

For Piano players interested in playing this track, the piano sheet music for an intermediate version of Astronomia is available for download after purchase on our site. Learn, enjoy and participate in this piece of pop culture now!

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