Prelude 1 C Major, BWV 846 Piano Sheet Music

Johann Sebastian Bach

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  • Level 37/100 (Ambitious)
  • Scoring Piano Solo
  • Genre Classical
  • Availability Download available Not available

Arrangements of Prelude 1 C Major, BWV 846

Johann Sebastian Bach Piano Solo C Major2 37/100 (Ambitious) €3.30
Other Arrangements
Johann Sebastian Bach Piano Solo C Major2 35/100 (Beginner) €3.90
Laura Sullivan Piano Solo C Major6 38/100 (Ambitious) €4.40
Johann Sebastian Bach Piano Solo C Major2 39/100 (Ambitious) €3.30

Information about the piece

Prelude 1 C Major, BWV 846 by Johann Sebastian Bach is the first prélude in Bach's 'The Well-Tempered Clavier', an anthology of solo keyboard music compiled in 1722.

Bach's Prelude 1 C Major, BWV 846, is renowned for its simplicity and lyrical beauty. It is structured around a single, repeating harmonic progression. It consists of a series of arpeggios. The structure and tonality of this piece demonstrate Bach’s understandings of musical theory:

  • It is structured using semi-regular arpeggios, presenting a harmonic exploration of the key of C Major.
  • The underlying pattern is consistent, while the small variances create a rich and engaging melodic texture.

Within its simplicity, Prelude 1 C Major, BWV 846 carries the profound touch of Bach's genius. This is a piece that goes beyond beginner level, a beautiful challenge for anyone stepping into the intermediate stage. The song not only develops finger independence but offers insight into the fundamental structures and harmonies of classical music.

If you want to advance your piano skills with this timeless piece, an intermediate version of the sheet music for Prelude 1 C Major, BWV 846 is available for purchase on our site. After your transaction, the sheet music will be available for instant download, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in learning and mastering this classical masterpiece.

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