O Holy Night Sheet Music (Piano)

Adolphe Adam

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Information about the piece

O Holy Night by Brian Crain is a beautiful reinterpretation of a classic Christmas carol, showcasing Crain's considerable skill as a pianist and composer. The original song, written in 1847 by French composer Adolphe Adam, is a pinnacle of the Christmas musical canon. Crain's version breathes new life into this beloved composition.

Crain is well-known for his emotive, tranquil compositions, which often feature a slow tempo, soft dynamics, and a delicate hand on the piano. His version of O Holy Night reflects these characteristics and demonstrates his mastery of musical narrative.

From a musical theory perspective, Crain's rendition remains relatively faithful to Adam's original composition, which is written in the key of C Major. However, he adds his own artistic touch throughout the piece, employing subtle changes in dynamics, tempo, and phrasing to create an almost ethereal atmosphere:

  • The piece offers a flowing, lyrical melody, as typically seen in Crain's work
  • Delicate use of rubato, where Crain subtly alters the speed of the melody for emotional impact
  • A wider dynamic range, which adds dimension and depth to the performance

For intermediate pianists looking to add a touching rendition of this classic to their repertoire, Brian Crain’s O Holy Night offers just that. The sheet music for the intermediate version of O Holy Night can be purchased and downloaded from our site.

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Arrangements of O Holy Night

Adolphe Adam Piano Solo C Major6 46/100 (Ambitious) €3.30
Other Arrangements
Adolphe Adam Piano Solo C Major6 14/100 (Beginner) €3.30
Adolphe Adam Leadsheet C Major3 15/100 (Beginner) €3.30
Adolphe Adam Piano Solo C Major3 24/100 (Beginner) €4.40
Adolphe Adam Piano Solo C Major3 29/100 (Beginner) €4.40
Brian Crain Piano Solo C Major2 31/100 (Beginner) €4.40
Adolphe Adam, Placide Cappeau Accompaniment C Major4 35/100 (Beginner) €3.90
Adolphe Adam Piano Solo C Major3 36/100 (Ambitious) €4.40
Adolphe Adam, Placide Cappeau Piano Solo C Major3 43/100 (Ambitious) €3.90
Ellie Goulding Accompaniment B-flat Major4 43/100 (Ambitious) €3.90
Placide Cappeau, Adolphe Adam Accompaniment B-flat Major3 50/100 (Ambitious) €3.90
Adolphe Adam, Placide Cappeau Piano Solo E-flat Major3 54/100 (Ambitious) €3.50
Johnny Mathis Piano Solo E-flat Major3 57/100 (Advanced) €3.90